Remote Readiness Index

Do you think you are a natural remote worker and that you are never going back to an office?

Maybe you are, maybe you are not, take the survey and find out if you are a remote work god master or an office lover.

How it Works

The Remote Readiness Index is an initiative by Landing.Jobs that aims to help you understand if you are ready to work remotely.

Based on an analysis of your skills and motivations we’ll let you know whether you have the profile to be a remote worker or if you will thrive at an office.

This form only provides you with a brief summary of our analysis so if you wish to receive a more detailed analysis of your results, make sure you fill in your email on the survey. We’ll send you a more detailed and personalized analysis of your current Remote Readiness Index.

Are you ready to work remotely?

If you're interested in working remotely, check our Remote Jobs.

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